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Company profile


Shenzhen SenDao Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, which specializes in electrical drive, industrial automation control products. Company located on beautiful   lakeside GuanLan, ShenZhen. SenDao masters the core vector control technology and self-owned intellectual property rights. Company has advanced test equipments and manufacturing base, and has built top-class R&D, manufacture, sale and service teams.The main products of the company are SD780,SD1000,SD5000 series Frequency Inverter,SDL series Stepping Motor Driver,SD333 Soft Starter,SD800 Brake Unit and Solar Pump Inverter. All the pruducts use brand:cendov or customerized.Products widely used in CNC, paper-making, printing, engraving, ball grinding mill, air compressor, drawing machine, constant pressure water supply, heating plant, wood-working machine, food machine, electric wire and cable (wire cutting machine, high winch, double frequency wire drawing machine), chemical machinery and other industries.

SenDao has obtained ISO9000 Quality System approval and CE certification. The sales and service network is nationwide and has 15 representative offices in domestic market. Our products have also been exported to more than 10 countries all over the world. With “Quality and Customer Come First” business philosophy,company provides high quality  products and efficient service, and would like to achieve customer and enterprise values growing together.